About Me

Hey! I'm Jona aka. J. I was always fascinated from Computers, not just how they're build but also what code was used as the backbone. With thirteen I had my first experience with Java. I did enjoy it, but since literally everyone I knew was doing it, I shifted my focus. So I focused on websites and servers and from there onto security, encryption and cryptography. I love it! That's why I'm quite fascinated from the enigma machine (Off-Topic: The movie was amazing, especially the acting from Cumberbatch, top notch).
Nowdays I do front- & back-end development and check the encryption and how well the security of a website and/or server is. I aim simplicity, good UX/UI and modern design. I also love motorcycles, to be specific Zero Motorcycles!

I'm active as:

  • a Freelance Full Stack Web Developer¹
  • a Contributor to the Kirby CMS.
  • the Gospel Forum Network Web Developer.
  • the Lead Developer for the NamelessMC Theme - PRIME.
  • a Security Analyst² for websites and servers.
  • a unsalaried Security Analyst² at Wire Messenger , the Serval Project and Tutanota.

I was:

  • the former GerMansSky.de Co-Founder & CTO.
  • the former PrimeQB UG (haftungsbeschränkt) COO & CTO.
  • the former Jogo Network COB & CTO.

My super awesome school is currently the RTC¹ from the Gospel Forum.

Here something to decode:
Cbw yykx mbpbcnxrf kfxl bskd


I refuse any cooperation with companies that manufacture and/or sell weapons/ammunition, drugs³! I do not cooperate with organizations whose fundemental concept is animal- and/or human-contemptuous.


I offer discounted or even unsalaried prices to non-profit associations, non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations. If you belong to such a facility, feel free to contact me.

¹ I'm very limited, because of School and stuff!
² Aka. "White Hat Hacker"; I check for Encryption flaws in Websites and Servers; At Wire, the Serval Project and Tutanota I check that they don't implement a Backdoor, Malware, Spyware etc. and your data stays your data!
³ The category "drugs" also includes all tobacco products and narcotics.